There are various types of investigations which include domestic, civil and insurance investigations to name a few.  They can include conducting background checks, surveillance, social networking searches, database searches and locating individuals, etc.  They may involve obtaining video and conducting court searches.  They may be used for legal matters as evidence, piece of mind or for leverage in sensitive domestic issues especially involving child support.

ICU Investigations is a full service California Private Investigative Agency licensed by the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.  We have been licensed since 1997.  We have investigators throughout all of California.  We are results driven, experienced and always use the most qualified investigator in an area to keep expenses low and secure results. 

Our clients include insurance carriers, third party administrators, attorneys and individuals.  Insurance carriers must perform their due diligence before a claim is accepted or denied.  We are in contact with insurance carriers' SIU departments and at times a District Attorney's office who may be considering filing fraud charges against an individual. 


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